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Submit a proposal for mermaid conference.

Call for Papers

Conference on Mermaids, Maritime Folklore, and Modernity

24-27 October 2017, Copenhagen, Denmark

TECHNICAL PROBLEMS ARE PREVENTING SOME PEOPLE FROM SUBMITTING ABSTRACTS: If you are unable to submit your information using the form to the right, please e-mail all of the requested information to Adam Grydehøj (

This interdisciplinary conference addresses mermaids and related creatures from folklore, myth, legend, and the imagination in 19th-21st Century culture.

The deadline for abstracts was 31 March 2017. However, in cases of exceptionally interesting topics, we are willing to consider late abstracts.

Proposing a presentation.

To propose a presentation, fill in all sections of the form to the right.

Submission Type: Select a submission type:

Standard Presentations last a maximum of 20 minutes, followed by around 10 minutes’ audience discussion. These talks may be accompanied by PowerPoint presentations.

Organised Sessions are groups of 3-4 Standard Presentations concerning a single theme and organised by the presenters (rather than the conference’s scientific committee). To propose an organised session, the corresponding author must submit a title and abstract for the session as a whole, including the names of the authors. Each participating presenter must then submit the abstracts that form part of the Organised Session.

Abstract: The abstract of your talk must be between 150-200 words total, including title. Shorter or longer submissions may be ignored. Make sure to include a title for your abstract. Do not format the text using italics, bold, or underlined words, and avoid discipline-specific jargon and citations to other works.

Biographical Note: Your biographical note (maximum 100 words) should be written in complete sentences and include your research areas, academic degree, and affiliation as applicable. If the presentation has more than one author, the corresponding author should provide biographical notes for the other authors as well.