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About Island Dynamics.

Island Dynamics is an island studies research organisation founded in the archipelago of Shetland, UK in 2009. We are now based in the island city of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Island Dynamics is a collaboration of scholars and institutions from around the world, promoting island studies and communities through knowledge exchange, cross-sectoral collaboration, island studies and maritime studies conferences, research, and publication of the peer-reviewed, open access journal Urban Island Studies.

About island studies.

Island studies is the comparative research of islands, including research into individual islands with reference to other islands and research into island-mainland relationships. Island studies is inherently international and can concern cultural, political, economic, or environmental issues.

Island studies is interdisciplinary, drawing upon a range of disciplines, including geography, political science, economics, anthropology, ecology, sociology, business studies, and architecture.

Urban island studies.

Although island studies has traditionally focused on relatively peripheral and isolated communities, Island Dynamics uses its two research networks to help expand the field. Island Cities and Urban Archipelagos is a research network for urban island studies. Research at the intersection of island studies and urban studies concerns the culture, economy, politics, planning, environment, and design of urban areas based on islands worldwide. These include densely urbanised small islands and major population centres of large islands or archipelagos. Urban island studies considers what island cities can tell us about urban development and the impact of island spatiality more broadly.